priscilla sea siren copy

Priscilla is a Washington D.C. native and has been involved in the South Florida art community since 1998. Currently residing in Boca Raton, she studied Art History and Linguistics in Italy, while also traveling extensively to various regions including Brazil, South America, Europe, the Mediterranean, and North Africa. This exposure to diverse cultures has greatly influenced her work. Through her art, she aims to juxtapose the internal emotional experience with the external world, often focusing on women and their empowerment. Working across painting, sculpture, photography, and video production, she does not confine herself to a single medium during each production period. she embraces colors fearlessly, as they allow her to convey emotions, tones, and momentum. Her paintings incorporate a full range of color using both oil and acrylic. Acrylic brings a flat, solid, and bold appearance to selected objects, while oil provides a sense of flesh, luster, and transparency reminiscent of the human body and natural organic elements.

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