The Angel Art Project

Artists need help NOW more than ever…

And the WORLD needs Art NOW more than ever.

That’s because Art possesses the power to transcend boundaries, build bridges, and ignite positive change in hearts and minds of people around the world.
Save the Artists is on a MISSION to inspire, encourage, support and preserve Human Creativity and you are invited to join us on a journey into the New Art Renaissance. 

Comm-UNITY Created & Curated

  • We have a goal to onboard and support the most talented and passionate Artists around the world. That means we need to build an Army of Art lovers to help us do that.

  • The Angel Art Project was created to  bring Artists, Fans, Collectors & Philanthropists together to make a world of difference. 
  • All members gain exclusive access to  Member Rewards & Perks including discounts, prizes, commissions and even the right to become a Founder of Save the Artists. 

  • Memberships start at just $14.30 and include the right to Nominate Artists to the Angel Art Contest.

  • Members will also have the right to Vote for their favorite Artists to WIN the contest and be part of the Angel Art Collection. 

The Angel Foundation

At the heart of downtown Los Angeles, a beacon of transformation and revitalization emerges—the Angel Foundation.

This non-profit organization is dedicated to breathing new life into downtown LA, revitalizing the heart of the city.

10% of proceeds from this Art Project will be given to the Angel Foundation to fund the creation of a magnificent Angel Statue crafted by a world-renowned artist.

This statue will stand tall as a beacon of hope and a symbol of unity and aspiration.  Reminding us that even in the midst of modern day challenges, there exists a shared vision to create a brighter.

Members of this Art Project will gain exclusive access to the creativive process of the Angel Statue and will get to see it before it is revealed to the world! 

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How it works

Joining this Art Project is easy as 1-2-3

step 1

Members join for as low as $14.30 - The more you GIVE, the more you GET!

step 2

Set up your member profile and visit the New Member Forum for Membership Training. 

step 3

Follow the steps to invite members, nominate Artists and vote for the winners. 

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