making art collecting
a movement

In order to Save the Artists, we have to build an army of passionate people and make Collecting Art rewarding and FUN! Art Collecting has to become the new way of life and we need EVERYONE to get involved.

But how? Especially in this economy?

Don’t fear, The Great Wall Takeover is HERE! 

We have designed this Initiative so that EVERYONE can gain access to beautiful Art for their homes and offices. With incentives, rewards and bartering built in we have an opportunity to completely change how Art is collected and help the average person turn their walls into a business that can generate an income with automation and full transparency. 

Affiliate Program

Everyone who purchases an Art Membership pack gains access to our Super Affiliate Program AND gets the “right to earn” within the projects on our platform.


This initiative has been made possible by the Founders background and passion to create Entrepreneurs and help Artists thrive. Micah has helped several companies launch and grow to hundreds of millions in revenue through  her strong marketing, community building and leadership skill.

Meanwhile Chacasso has donated 10% of his collection to this program. This means that YOU can have access to that 10%! Something few Artists have ever done.


This is a vast undertaking and will launch in phases.  When Community Goals are reached the next phases of the project will unlock and the project moves forward. These goals are also tied to bonuses, prizes and incentives.

Protect yourself & others

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Be Aware

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'We are going to have so much fun while doing so much good, we can’t wait for you to join!'
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