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We are an Artist Couple who took the leap of faith to become full time artists 7 years ago. 

Our journey has been full of many ups and downs that taught many lessons. Some of the most important being:

Art is one of the most powerful parts of the human spirit. 

Art is a universal language that builds bridges, heals hearts and changes lives. 

Everyone is an Artist and we all could use more support and resources to create the world we wish existed.

Art is an Asset that can be a powerful tool to gather people together and raise money to fund World Changing Projects. 


to ignite an art renaissance

Artists need help now more than ever but are lacking a platform to connect them to the resources and opportunities they deserve.   

Conversely our experience has shown us that the majority of people we asked have never owned original art from a living artist. Interestingly we also found that that same majority WANT to own original art but have been excluded for so long they don’t even know how. 

Save The Artists Project was created as a solution to these problems.

We believe we are on the cusp of a New Art Renaissance. One that will be powered by technology and philanthropy. 

That’s why we partnered with a talented tech team to help us reach our goal and sustain an ever growing community of amazing Humans that are just as passionate and excited to be part of Save the Artists Project as we are. 



Chacasso’s story is one of LEGENDS. 

One that will be told for many years to come. 

You are here FIRST before the world finds out

what an IMPACT his incredible talent and 

giving heart will have on the world. 


micah page

Micah is the kind of woman, when you teach her to fish

she is going to turn around and teach others.

An Artist who pursued Entrepreneurship

so she could help others succeed.  

Her DREAMS of a better future keep her going

and she will open doors…. 

because she believes in Y’ALL.

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