The Great Wall Take Over

This program is all about giving AND receiving and is embedded with Rewards, Recognition & Compensation.

Everyone who purchases an Art Membership gains access to our Super Affiliate Program unlocking the “Right to Earn” within the projects on our platform.

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ATX AF is a Community Art Project centered around the great city of Austin, TX. Our mission is to celebrate the people, places, and things that make our city unique while providing opportunities and exposure for Austin’s most talented Artists. 

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The Gallery

After Crowd Funding for two years we opened our Gallery and Artist Collective on Nov 17th, 2018. We were only open a year and a half when Covid hit. Thankfully it gave us an opportunity to focus on building our platform and learning everything we could about Web 3. This is when Save the Artists was born. 

We have  since turned the Gallery into Save the Artists headquarters and it is now available for our members as a resource and gathering place.   

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