Our Story

The Chacasso Art Story

In the heart Austin Texas, blossomed an extraordinary tale of love, art, and inspiration. Chacasso, a passionate artist with a soul brimming with creativity, found himself captivated by the enigmatic beauty of Micah, a fellow artist whose spirit danced in harmony with his own.

Their paths intertwined, like brushstrokes on a canvas, blending their artistic visions into an inseparable bond. Micah, with her keen business acumen and innate love for people became Chacasso's muse, and the perfect partner for his artistic endeavors.

With every painting completed and sold, Chacasso's spirit soared. His brushstrokes grew bolder, his colors more vibrant, and his creations magnified with a newfound depth and resonance. Together, they formed an unstoppable duo, their talents complementing each others almost effortlessly. 

Micah's entrepreneurial spirit and marketing skills helped Chacasso become one of today's most collected artists. By coming together and focusing their strengths and with Austin's vibrant city attracting art lovers everywhere, they were able to connect Chacasso's works with collectors from around the world. 

Over the next eight years, Chacasso's prolific brushwork gave birth to over a thousand original works of art, each one a testament to his boundless creativity and the transformative power of their love. Their artistic journey became a inspiration igniting the hearts of art enthusiasts worldwide.

Driven by their unwavering belief in the transformative power of art, Chacasso and Micah embarked on a visionary endeavor, founding the "Save the Artists" project. Their vision extended beyond their own success, encompassing a mission to nurture and empower Artists everywhere. 

The "Save the Artists" project is set to becime a sanctuary for aspiring artists, providing them with the resources, mentorship, and opportunities to pursue their creative dreams. 

As they prepared to unveil their grand vision to the world, Chacasso and Micah extended an open invitation, inviting art enthusiasts, collectors, and art lovers from every corner of the globe to join them on a journey to fuel the new art renaissance. 

Their story, a testament to the enduring power of love, art, and inspiration, stands as a beacon of hope, lighting the path towards a world where creativity knows no bounds. Chacasso and Micah, the embodiment of artistic excellence and philanthropic spirit, are ready to lead the world on an extraordinary journey, one that promises to redefine the art world and rekindle the flame of creativity for generations to come.


  • 1.

    One is for the ONE in all of us. It is the highest high of our existence. It is the love yourself before you can love others.

  • 4.

    FOUR is for paying it FORward. It's the learn so you can teach, the heal so you can help heal it's the GIVE BACK, DO GOOD part of all of us.

  • 3.

    THREE Is for comm-UNITY. It's for coming together to do great things. It's prayer hands and high fives and it is for ALL of us. EQUALLY. With Love.